Transplanting 14' Blue Spruce

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by brentsawyer, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. brentsawyer

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    I have a 14' Blue Spruce I need to transplant. Currently it is on the side of the house that I never see so that it benefits my neighbor more than me, I'm not selfish, its just that it is one of my favorite trees and I have a perfect spot at the end of a row of spruces. The largest spade locally for a Bobcat is 36", I am curious if this will be large enough for that tree. Rental is $125 for spade/day half that for 4hrs. plus I'll need to rent the Bobcat, but I'll be doing other work around the house with it.

    If this won't work, what should I do?
  2. T. Matthews

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    Hey there,

    How close to the house is it? How old is the tree? What kind of foundation do you have? Those are some of the questions I would ask myself. Any large tree company could proably move it. I would be a little leary of the roots getting close to my foundation and next thing i know once the tree is out is that now i got a leaky basement. Just something to thin k about.

    T. Matthews
  3. brentsawyer

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    From what I've heard the root system on a 14' Spruce is far from damaging. It is however about 10" OC from the house and shouldn't cause any problems in the near/mid future, maybe 15 yrs or so it could. I am however scared of the 30 year old silver maple that is left standing in my front yard and has roots protruding past my house to the side. It has to be the worst tree in the world for roots, I had another one 15' from it and took it out ASAP and my neighbor has one 15-20' from my drive, probably will be asking him to take it out sometime soon when I redo my drive next year and I know roots will be an issue when I dig it up, just waiting to show him before I ask/suggest before something worse becomes of it.
  4. paul

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    36" spade is small for a 14' spruce, I would like to see a 50"-60" ball on that size of tree. Around here most 6'-8' spruce are moved in 36" balls. Check to see if a local truck mounted tree spade guy can move it for you.
  5. AGLA

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    I agree with Paul.
  6. PAPS

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    You could rent a excavator and dig the thing out to move it... i do it all the time with our PC50.
  7. kris

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    Are you saying it is 10 inches from the house right now? I re-read your post a few times and I think that is what you are saying?
    ... 10" ...not 10' ? If it is 10 inches you are going to have a problem getting a spade in. .... and yes 36" is small for 14'
  8. SCL

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    I'm with paul. We buy 8'-9' with a 32"-36" RB. Get a big spade on a truck, and don't be afraid to pay, that's an expensive tree you're moving.
  9. brentsawyer

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    36" too small, that's what I was thinking, just wanted to check with some of you first. By the way, sorry about misplacing 10", should have been 10' OC. It's just that these trees don't grow all that fast here as they do up north and therefore aren't as common. I bought the house from a guy that lived here since '88 and the tree looks to be here 12 years if it were 5' at planting time. BTW, I would guess that a tree that size would be worth $750-1000, agree? No pricing of anything like that around here, just 5-6' @$350-400 installed wholesale is $150-175, last time I could find a decent one.
  10. AGLA

    AGLA LawnSite Bronze Member
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    $400-$500 wholesale at the nursery here.

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