Transplanting Blueberries in September?

Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by FrostCreek, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Hey, this is my latest zany nut-brained question!

    A client wants to transplant 6 blueberry bushes from her old place to her new place. They are older than 10 years, and must get transplanted to a place 8 miles away.

    I know mid September isn't the optimal time for transplanting mature ANYTHING, but it must be done.

    Any tips on the proper way to transport? I was thinking of 3 at a time, going to the new place to have holes dug first, then pull the plants out and put them in 5 gal buckets, or maybe putting them in a garbage bag and keeping them wet.

    Honestly, any suggestions would be great. I do not garden, so I'm somewhat at a loss. Also what kind of fertilizer/soil/mulch/material should be at the new site, assuming its nutrient poor?

  2. windflower

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    If they are 10 years old a 5 gal bucket doesn't seem big enough. Ideally dig them loose, wrap in burlap or anything else to hold the rootball together and then get them out of the hole. Around here they are shallow rooted, similar an azalea and move easily. Guessing the size of the plants I'd go for a 2 or 3 foot diameter rootball. Water well in new location, they should do fine.
    With the digging I'd cut the rootball to size w/o lifting then go about 10 inches further out and start removing soil all around the plant. Should allow rootball extraction w/o breaking it up.
  3. FrostCreek

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    Thanks, bud, that is a lot more helpful than telling me to buy goats to get rid of blackberry!
  4. FrostCreek

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    an interesting thing about the present site: the client has chickens, which apparently have taken care of insects and freely fertilize the area. I'm not sure if the peat moss will be necessary in the new site, but unless my research shows me something contrary, I will still mix into the soil at their new site.

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