Transplanting Junipers

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by harperservices, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. harperservices

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    Customer wants 2 6' tall and approx 3' wide Junipers relocated in their yard.

    1 How hard is this? and Any special prep work?
    2 Will they survive?
    3 How should I charge?

    Thanks again for your input:(
  2. jrodgers

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    It will definetly take some elbow grease to get them out but it can certainly be done. For a bush like that you are probably looking at 24 in. ball. Take a spade and cut the roots about 12 in from the base and all the way around the depth of the spade. Then dig out around on the other side of the cut(about the width of a point shovel) to form a root ball. Wrap a tarp around the ball and pull the bush out by pulling on the four corners of the tarp(2 corners in each hand) then move it to its new location. Either that or cut around and just try to pry it out with a good strong metal nursey spade. The first method is the ideal way to do it but takes some time. The second will give you less of a survival rate but is alot quicker. If the customer says " just take it out and if it lives it lives if it dies it dies" then use the second method and charge less, say $40 to $50 a bush. If they are really concerned that it lives, use the first and charge more say $75 to$100 a bush. Sometimes it is cheaper just to replace it. Do not gurantee any transplant! Hope this helps.

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