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  1. luckyduck

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    Hi, i am currently planning and working out the kinks in my lawn service. I did a trial run this summer with about 2-4 customers a week the whole summer. I currently use a 1990 ford ranger to move my equipment around. The truck works, but could be upgraded easily.

    My goal will be to gain around 20 to 35 customers come June. I am currently attending my senior year of HS but come December(football season is over) i plan to go to work to raise money for a Truck/car.

    This is my problem. I cant decide between buying a new car/truck come June. What i cant decide is, if i should just keep my truck that i currently use and buy a new Honda, or should i buy a new truck(around 1997-2001). I would use the truck for both personal and business purposes. I would like to know what you guys think i should do.

    Secondly what type of truck would you recommend for me to buy.
  2. Doc_77

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    i can't really tell you what would be the best thing for you to do. I'm sure your truck would be fine for hauling around your equipment.
    I'm new also and i might be wrong about this.
    i see no reason at all to buy a big 1/4 ton or bigger truck unless you plan on hauling away grass clipping or leaves, doing mulch installs ect ... maybe once you need to haul 2 , 3 or 4 600 + lbs mowers the larger truck would be needed.
    the only reason i bought a F150 is because i plow snow in the winter. other then that a small pick up truck would have probably been better for me.
  3. luckyduck

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    thats what i am talking about. I am looking into a truck like a cevy s10 or a Tacoma or a dakota.
  4. aspenlawn2000

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    You say you can't decide to buy a truck or honda? Buy the truck(toyota tundra) and put magnetic signs on it for your off season works well for me. If you find the Toyota is to expensive 2nd choice would be the F 150 both trucks with 8 bangers
  5. Wreak

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    Lose the ricer idea and go with the truck.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I'd definitely go for a truck. Keep in mind with an S-10 or similar truck you'll only be able to fit a 36" in the back. Unless you're buying a trailer. If you are considering a trailer, I'd buy a full-size truck. Take it from me, pulling a trailer with 3 walk-behinds with a stick-shift Ranger with no power steering just plain sucks.
  7. luckyduck

    luckyduck LawnSite Member
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    well as of right now, i currently will be using one push mower, one edger, one blower, 2 trash cans for grass, and other small loose ends. So really i am trying to stray away from the huge trucks.
  8. sgl41377

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    I just started out in April. I tow a small utility trailer behind my 1994 Honda Accord. If it were me, I would keep your truck and buy a small trailer to pull behind. I got mine for $250 , I currently haul one mower, stick edger, stick weed eater, backpack blower, and some small supplies. Get a trailer now to fit your needs for the next few years, and if all works out well, buy something bigger and better then. Also, remember if you do not have insurance, if someone gets hurt on the property due to you working, they will take everything you have ever worked for. I bought a policy for $400 per year. Get it, it's worth every penny. Good Luck.

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