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    Around here it's the DOT and what kind of mood they are in. Our ratio of coal trucks and timber trucks are probably much higher than normal and we've got an abundance of DOT. I've had trucks pulled over 3 times this year, just to be nit picky.

    I honestly don't think that having push mowers in the back of a pickup is a big deal, as long as the gate is up. Around here what gets most guys is that the law is anything over 8K has to have special tags. I can't count the number of guys I've heard with 1 tons pulling small tractors, skid steers, etc.... who have gotten $400+ tickets for being over their tag weight.

    Whether or not it's a law, I think you should always be on the side of caution, especially if you think there is a chance that something may get loose and get out. Lawyers always find the loopholes. That's what your liability insurance and such is for. Be safe, and practice CYA.
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    Who cares what the statute/ordinance blah blah blah says. It is all about being competent in your private affairs. Once you infringe on the 'rights' of another because of your stupidity or miss thought, I hope you can right your wrong.

    You should not need anyone to tell you that anything in the back of your truck not safely strapped/tied/bolted whatever, is a danger to everyone else on the public roads. Everything thrown into the back of our trucks is safely at all times tied/strapped/bolted/cinched ect. It isn't hard to teach. It isn't hard to do.
    As for the trimmers being locked into their racks, that is a safety device guy.

    As for what gcbailey said about liability insurance: Do you even know what liability insurance is? It is a safety net for those that are incompetent. It is for those who will never care or take fault of their own. It is for those who will in the end pawn off their ineptness onto someone else for their wrongdoing. There is no such thing as an accident.
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    Thanks for clearing up the question. Speaking of insurance, I was just up there this week when searching for the best rate and from my understanding of what was read to me, If I haven't taken proper safety precautions the insurance doesn't do me any justice. They stated if I get in an accident, someone hits me, and so forth, however one of my pieces of equipment flies off and hits someone, because it wasn't properly strapped, they told me I would be liable. However, they did say, if my equipment is strapped properly, they would cover me, hence the reason I was asking specifically about the laws and how we're expected to tie down. I'm new to the scene starting in spring, luckily I was able to find a good insurance rate this week, or at least cheaper than I was expecting, but like you said XYZ, I do plan on putting safety and others safety first, so just because I have insurance, doesn't mean I'm not going to take the proper safety precautions. As you saying there's no such thing as an accident, I would contest to that statement, but I believe there is no reason to not be prepared for an accident should one come.

    I appreciate you clearing that up about the trimmers on the rack. I was expecting the mowers to need to be strapped down, and mine will. But as you said, the trimmers are in racks and padlocked in, and is adequate in my books for holding the equipment, hence the reason I also didn't think they would need to be strapped down, but I did want to clear that up and make sure I was doing things right from the beginning. I was just confused because from the reading I did, it seemed like they wanted every piece of cargo strapped down by at least two straps. Glad to hear that is wrong. Thanks again!
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    You are welcome BlazersandWildcats2009. If we all used our heads, and stopped using our oh my the world would be pretty.

    For the record, when I was younger, and living in a bachelor pad we watched from our front porch when a dude with a bunch of old chainsaws just sitting in the back of his truck was turning onto our street. Out of nowhere a woman sheriff sideswipes him. None the less the chainsaws went flying and almost completely severed an 11 year old girls leg walking down the sidewalk.

    Accident? No. Cause and effect. Either way, we looked over the whole scene. Had the dude with the chainsaws had them strapped down in the bed of his truck, In my opinion they would have never left the back of his truck. This was a less than 20 mile an hour collision by the way.

    I have no mercy for incompetence. Especially if you have been thoroughly trained. Taught or(learned) right from wrong. I hope you do well for yourself BlazersandWildcats2009. Just use common sense and logic. And don't let your ego get in your way.
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    XYZ, that's a pretty horrifying story, I feel sympathy for that little girl even though she wasn't injured. Having a traumatic experience like that even without injury can be detrimental to young people. As I mentioned, I planned to strap down even my push mowers. ;) I don't believe there's any other practice other than the safe way. I asked not to sound dumb founded, I just didn't want to catch myself forking out $400.00 worth of unnecessary-necessary fines like I've read and seen on this forum. As far as safety goes, I done started purchasing cables, tie downs, etc. for the spring time. Went and put brand EBC Pads and a good set of rotors all around the truck today, so I won't have to worry about them in the middle of the season. I don't plan on carrying too much cargo back there, just my mowers, the trimmers, edger, and blower will be on the rack secured and locked, especially around here. Everything else stays locked in the big tool box and if it's in the cargo area it will be strapped down. Thank you for the wishes, I'll probably need them on my venture starting up and I really do appreciate your time and up front advice. It helps a lot when people talk straight-up and I wish you the best this up coming season also.

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