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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Mirrorimage37, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Mirrorimage37

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    Hope you guys and gals could give me a few ideas. Heres the problem. We have county contracts to mow the sides of roadways. The problem is you must pick up ALL trash before mowing or it looks like chopped confetti and of course we get write ups. How would a push lawn sweeper work? Some areas or worse than others and i could just spot sweep. By hand with a pickup tool takes 70% walking time and 30% time mowing, not that productive. Any thoughts would be greatly appriciated, my back is killing me
  2. ipm

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    You need to try to ride the "prison work detail" coat tail:D Or you need to add a trash pick up crew of your own. That is the only way I know to make it work.
  3. charlies

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    i hope you worked that into the price you get for it. as long as we are getting our hourly rate, i don't care what we are doing (within reason) it can't get any harder than pushing wheelbarrows or dragging tarps.

    maybe the county is trying to do away with the prison deatail on that part of the roadway by having Mirrorimage37 do the prisoners work.

    anyway, finding out if it is possible to 'ride the coat-tails of the prison work crew' is a great idea. nice job ipm.
  4. charlies

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    btw, i was just saying to my brother this weekend 'man, mowing that would stink (along the highway)'

    he said 'why?'

    i said because you know some passing motorist is going to hit you in the back of the head with a half eaten hamburger or something'

    he said, yea, but we don't do the actual mowing'

    isn't that bad? lol.
  5. Green Care

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    This is where your help comes in.

    Give them some clear bags and tell them to hike.
  6. Mirrorimage37

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    Actually I mow with a massey and a batwing bushhog. You would not believe the trash. I get done cleaning and mowing 2miles, and by the end of the day theres more trash on fresh grass. Its just this one road though, the resr are OK.The only reason we do it is it pays phenomenal. Tractor and batwing are paid off after just one year and there are on homeowners out there to deal with.. Also free to do other jobs.
  7. Mirrorimage37

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    By the way, I think they keep the prisnoers doing harder work like digging, but it was a good tought. I like the thought about the flying hamburger. I have ROPPs with a canopy and all , but watch me get beemed tomorrow, typical Monday LOL

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