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  1. AEW

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    For those out there that offer year around service to customers...ever think about taking off trash? If you are going to be going by once a week for service..why not add this on as a service? Anyone out there do this? I thought this would be an easy way to gain more year around customers as well as boost profits. But this would only be a service for year around customers only. This is especially easy if you rent a dumpster and keep it onsite at the office or home. And those arent too expensive...
    Who thinks what...Give it to me...
  2. TScapes

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    All of my clients are commercial properties and debris/litter patrol is included in my scope of services. I actually have clients that pay extra for me to make an additional weekly visit to their property for litter patrol. This includes "micro-trash" on smaller accounts (ie. cigarette butts, etc). It usally does not effect your price too much, unless you have a high traffic area and can count of spending an hour or more every week on site removing trash.
  3. pcnservices

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    No thank you - let the trash guys handle the trash and I'll stick to cutting grass - nothing beats the smell of a freshly cut lawn!
    I think you'll be faced with a whole new set of rules and regulations when handling trash ie: health standards, trash handling and dumping, etc., etc.
    Just my opinion
    Good luck
  4. Mo Green

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    I hate taking out my own garbage.....I'm not touching anyone else's.
  5. Pecker

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    I second that! And as mentioned early, you'd only be exposing yourself to bad things and potential serious health risks.
  6. AEW

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    this is very true..this was a thought on a whim and did not think about health hazzards...nasty. The trash men probably do handle this alot better than I would...
    And I sure would not want some nasty trash leaking into the bed of my truck...or even on my trailer for that matter... :realmad:
  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    No way Jose! I'm the lawn man, not the trash man! They do their jobs, we do ours. I'm a firm beleiver in not diversifying yourself too much. Nothing wrong with doing extra small things for extra cash like that, but I don't want to be perceived as a handyman... Not that there is anything wrong with doing several things, but I want people to think "wow he only does lawn and landscape work, must be successful at it to not do all this other stuff that Joe Blow's Mow and Go does"
    Just how I feel about the subject. Besides, as mentioned, if i'm making $60/hr to cut grass, why do i want to drag people's trash all over town in back of my truck (will now smell like a trash truck thank you) for an extra $20 a day? not worth it to me. we used to live in a real rural area, several guys would do trash pickup on saturdays with an old truck with 6' tall sides or so, just leave your bags at the end of the driveway with the money put in a plastic baggy with a twist-tie, $1 per bag. Of course, we burned the burnable trash, but for non-burnables, it was cheaper to pay the $1 a bag for a couple bags than to drive to the dump on the other side of the county... I don't know it might work in a situation like that, but here 90% of my clients are in city limits and they have weekly trash pickup already paid for included in their taxes. I hate having to mow on the same day as trash day at some accounts, much less do i want to pick up and toss their stuff into my truck. Bad for company image anyway.. I like to be perceived as being serious about what I do.

    Just my opinion sorry if it offends anyone.
  8. mtdman

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    Umm, isn't that why people have municiple trash removal? Why would they pay for something they already have?

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