trashbags for a grassgobbler

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yorkpaddy, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. yorkpaddy

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    although I despise bagging, I have a customer thats asking for it. I tried bagging the other day, and my 55 gallon trash bags couldn't fit around the back of the grass gobbler, so I had to take my hands and push all of it into the bag. Are there any bags made that fit grass gobblers?
  2. Toroguy

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    What has worked for me is to dump the "gobbler" can onto a large tarp, then bag the grass into Home Depot large contractor bags. I found it to time consuming to stop and wrestle the can into a bag each time it filled. Dumping it on a tarp and continuing mowing then bagging when totally complete was more efficient.

    Good luck
  3. 2tall

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    I use a product called The Lawn Funnel by Young Manufacturing. It fits perfectly in the yard bags and they also stand up. I couldn't find any pics but their number is 800 966 2626. They cost around $20.

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