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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by supercuts, Dec 17, 2008.

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    hi, just wondering how many travel to work locations outside of town. i currently live in the town i work in. i do not leave town and have over 100 accounts. i am constantly trying to improve efficiency and paying guys to drive out of time seems like one of the biggest wastes out there.

    im in the process of moving out of town,it is 15 minutes door to door. i know its not huge, but thats a half hour a day, times two guys currently, times 5 days a week. thats $70 a week, $280 a month. that is a big deal and thats assuming we have no problems durring the day that we may need to come home for. on the flip side i suppose thats only 1 new lawn to cover that. but seem too look at the opportunity costs, thats 2 exta lawns a day ($350 a week, $1400 a month)

    alot of the reason for moving is to start a second crew. my current home doesnt have enough room but is in the dead center of current customers. the reason im moving out of town is simple, this town is very wealthy and i cant afford a similar property in town, 2800sq' ranch on 7 acres with oversize 2 car heated garage with hot/cold water and floor drain, 30x50 and 35x45 newer steel outbuildings, insulated, car lift, power, tv, phone, etc.

    i know i can start a 2nd crew and have them work in the town im moving too but the real money is in my current town which is why im not simply moving the work as well.

    i guess my big question is how many of you travel 15 minutes or more and how much do you think its effecting your income and effiency?? any comments would be great, thanks

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