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Hi everyone
I'm curious how some of the larger companies out there (primarily in the construction division with jobs that last say 2 weeks or more) deal with travel time to and from job sites. Do you pay your employees for this time? For mileage in their own vehicle? Both? Provide company trucks? Does it differ from foreman, supervisors, laborers etc? I've recently been involved with an abnormal way of handling these issues and was just wondering what others throughout the industry did.
Thanks for any info and thoughts

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In Az legally if their in your truck they must be paid. We always liked those big jobs so we could tell the labor to show up at the site and we paid the foreman and his lead-man to show up at the yard and get the truck etc. Saves big on travel. Guys don't mind either they can sleep in a little longer and get home sooner. No pay for mileage here


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What do you expect when you work for an inferior company? :p

I'll pay you from the time you leave the shop, or provide a company vehicle.



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Marcus - Because we all meet at our shop and there is a designated start time...we pay for travel. They all leave the shop in company trucks, unless other arrangements have been made. On rare occasions, some of the guys need to meet us at the site..they will only get paid when they get there.
I recently was talking to a higher-up with Ruppert Landscaping and he told me that he DID NOT pay for travel to or from and that some of his properties were over 1 1/2 hrs away. (that's 3 hours of time they loose) I don't think that's fair. If I require my guys to be at the shop at a certain time (and reprimand them for being late) then they deserve to get paid from that time on.


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Easy to do when you have 5-7-or even 10 guys try it with 30 or 50. Now I have 5 guys and I pay travel unless they want to drive to the jobs. I had a much bigger co in the past and it just wasnt pracitical. It was hard enough to get all the equipment in the yard now add 30 + employee vehicles talk about a cluster **ck. Do what works for you.


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AZ Gardener: would you happen to be looking for any extra help? I am looking to just get some experience and a little cash doing it. 19 years old, and live in West Mesa (101/University). Email me if you are.


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Is it alright to have the employees, not including the foreman drive themselves to the big landscape jobs? 1 week +. Lets say a guy lives 10 minutes from the job and 20 minutes, in the opposite direction, of the shop. Seems like it would be easier to just have him drive to the job site. Is this an accepted practice?