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after loading brush, leaves, ect. in your trailer and your ready to go dump, do you include travel time along with dump time for your billing purposes? What's the best way?


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I would include that time in the overall bid but I would not list it out separately. A lot of customers may question why you charge so much for just driving.


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I'm like Lombardi, I never tell them my hourly rate but I calculate it in my head. Most don't have a problem with the overall price, which would include dumping.


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I include it in the overall price. IF I happen to be charging hourly, the drive and unload time is definitely included.


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when we have to do a dump we just charge them the disposal fee. If you are charging a travel fee, then you are servicing people too far out and need to narrow your service radius


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If I leave the shop at 8am and return at 4:30pm 8hrs should be factored on customers bills.[less the half hour lunch]


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I estimate how many man-hours it's going to take. In other words if the job is going to take me 4 man-hours than I would charge 4 times my hourly wage (x). Then for transporting goods I charge at the rate of $x.xx/mile (y). I would then find the distance that the truck would be traveling from shop to work site to dump site back to shop. Then I would charge per cubic yard of debris (z).

I would turn around and reply that it would cost him/her:

(4x + y + z)

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I charge a "Hauling Fee" which includes the dump fee and labor based on the amount I haul away.

For instance:

Full load: $48.00, this is a pickup load, cost me 12 to 16

half load: $24.