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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Roger, Dec 9, 2004.

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    Can somebody give me the dimensions on rear wheel treads for the TTHP 48" mower? I'm looking for the out-out and in-in on the drive wheels.

    I now have a Bull Rider, with a 36" Viking. The BR wheels track nicely behind the drive wheels. If I added a TTHP48, I'm concerned the BR wheels will track inside the drive wheels, leaving another set of tracks.

    My other choice is another 36" mower to make a one-for-one replacement. I have several properties with gates, and a 48" mower will not fit. My 36" has high hours, perhaps 5,500 over seven seasons. The engine (Kohler 15) probably has one more season -- this is the second one. But, several other things should be replaced (new tires, new front caster yokes, ground drive linkages to the pistol grips, etc).

    I believe I could get another season from the existing Viking, IF a 48" mower is added. However, being able to use the BR is important. If a BR does not track behind the TTHP 48, then I may consider a stand-on 48" mower. I'm a solo op and mow about 1,110 lawns per season. But, about 800 of those could be done fully, or in large part by a 48" mower. The sizes range from 10K to 1.8 acres. Any lawn below 15K is done with 21" hand mowers.

    Another choice is to replace the 36" with a new 36"? If so, why would I move from a Viking to a TTHP?

    Thanks, Roger
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    Outside to outside tread measurement is 39.4". The tread is approximately 7.50" wide so if you subtract that twice you'll get the "approximate" inside measurement as well of 24.4". Keep in mind that his is just an approximation because you also need to consider tire pressure and possibly some sidewall thickness. For your purposes I'd figure a 1/2" of margin for error because your really concerned about the cround contact rather than the actual width.


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    Thanks for the input. I measured the Bull Rider:

    31 out-out
    24 in-in

    This means the wheels should track pretty well, perhaps not quite. However, on slopes the BR will always run downhill a couple of inches. Anyway, I think you've answered the question: I can run a BR behind a 48 TTHP and not make new tracking.


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