treating trailer deck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by STIHL GUY, Jun 7, 2011.


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    i paid $1500 for it. it was bought brand new in march and the guy only used it a few times and decided to sell it
  2. mow king

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    They stay outside year around. I only use them a few times per winter though.
  3. knox gsl

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    Never treated mine, but it has had bar oil, motor oil, hydro oil, 2stroke fuel and mulch dye soaking into it over the years. The floor is 2x8 PT yellow pine.
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  4. South Florida Lawns

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    you guys have too much time on your hands.
  5. jsecape

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    I hate to say it,I use used oil on my shed floors. and trailer..

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