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    how do you guys bid tree and shrub treatments use talstar and spray 1 gal per min.. also deep root feed in spring and fall 1gal per min etc...lesco 300 gal tank with hydro pump just need some sugg... ;)
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    Thanks for the specifics, but it is all irrelevant. Price tree and shrub largely based on the value of your time and expertise. The cost of chemicals should be 10% or less of your fee. I charge $125.00 per hour to inspect and treat for insects, disease and mites with a 1 hour minimum and a day rate of $800.00. The truth is the more you know the less you spray. The best product for deep root (Arbor-Green) can't be used through a jet agitation, if you wan't to get serious about T&S you should upgrade to a fiberglass tank with mechanical agitation. T&S is very lucrative but learn the ropes first.
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    Cemars is dead on about the time in regard to T/S apps. Chemicals are a negligible part of the business and mean little to the bottom line unless applying something out of the ordinary. I also believe that most people start out treating everything that's not moving. IPM is a huge part of this service and abitrary treatment will be time consuming,expensive and downright irresponsible. Pricing comes with experience.

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