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    One point to consider about using Sumagreen on Trees that are already MAXED OUT with ferts and H2O, as is the case with most Landscapes I work it...

    Yes the biologicals help root growth, but not that much improvement for roots Already adequately fed and watered...
    That's the big selling point for Sumagreen,,, correct??? It's MICROBES???
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    Yes I am underselling the treatments but I honestly did not think I was underselling it by that much. My plan is to control and get the market quickly before other local companies in my area try to do it.

    I did a little testing on the sumagreen on several clients last year to see how it would work on bushes. I told them this may be an addition but wanted to see how this product would work after seeing the result sin Turf. I do have to say only two bushes showed any signs of need for pesticides out of over about 70 that I treated. Now I did not do ALL the bushes,etc on every clients yard as many of them wanted me only to use the back yard shrubs. Needless to say they were all happy with the end results and the ones that showed need for pesticides I treated.

    Like I said I was looking for advice on the topic and glad I did as I figured I wanted to discount the people I tested on first and then the so called new clients I wanted to offer something like a package deal for their bushes and shrubs when they signed up for the yearly treatment. I am looking to maximize my time on the property for extra money. The time was on average maybe 15 minutes a property as I was using a 5 gallon sprayer with the Sumagreen Ag pre mixed for the shrubs and bushes. I figured the 15 minutes was about $50 for me. Product cost $1 per application (most of the lawns maybe $2 if I double the application).

    Now listening to you guys maybe I will raise it up a little more maybe to $80 (Introductory price) but again I am trying to keep price low to get more people to get hooked on program and then raise the price and see the benefits for treating the shrubs and bushes. Just like how many of us got started treating and cutting lawns.

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