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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by superbee, Nov 24, 2004.

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    I have been getting numerous requests for tree work, anything from removing large trees to trimming/thinning trees. Since I don't do this, and don't want to get in this business, I would consider referring these jobs to a tree service. I figure I could refer the business and get a finders fee or something of that nature. Anybody have any recommendations as to how to find a good person to work out a business deal with? How to price the referral fee, etc? What questions to ask when talking to these people? Thanks.
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    I sub out my large tree work. I did it for nothing for the first six months or so, they threw me a few gift certs for local eats and stuff when they felt like it. after that time I talked to them and asked them if they would give me a modest fee for jobs, my offer; if I go and look at a job and then call them $75, if I just throw it their way with no site visit $50. So far the y havent had a problem with it. they have thrown a few smaller jobs my way and it has wokred out fine. Find a company you can trust and that does good work, dont worry about finding the cheapest one. Try the ISA list, it may help you find a local co. or try posting a message on arboristsite.c0m , there may be someone near you that you can give you info.
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    great advice jimmy

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