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Tree Care & Design Community Ed Class / Medford, OR / R.C.C.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Westside Oregon
Amazingly, there are no tree care classes in Medford, Oregon at Rogue Community College. There's not even a landscape program - a real one. There is a non-credit speck in the "workforce" department for pesticides and irrigation, but little else. No pro level program.

I submitted a course outline for a Tree Care Class. It will be offered winter term of 2006. It will be arborist material, but with landscape design elements added and a lot of soil information.

If you know anyone in Southern Oregon that wants a tree care class, have them go to my website...(at my signature) and click the blue button on my home page to access a full description plus PDF and Word doc files of the full course outline.

Apparently, this will be one of the few classes, if not only, on tree care in the area. I'm hoping that local support is sufficient enough to allow the class to expand to 11 weeks the following autumn or winter.

It's a 2 hour drive from Crescent City, CA or Brookings, Oregon on the coast, but if those areas are dry of tree care classes, 4 Monday long-haul drives may be worth it. Shorter drives would be from Cave Junction, Wilderville, Murphy, Williams, Eagle Point, Klamath, Merlin, Grants Pass and Ashland.