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    What do you charge for tree cutting and brush clearing? I know this is a very broad question but I asked for it.
    10-12 trees 18-20" in diameter-such as to clear for the building of a house. If you want to cover the stumps thats fine but all that I am looking for is tree removal prices.
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    *off topic*

    What is the name of you business OBXTractor? I am located on the Outer Banks. Just curious.....
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    see how long it will take you to do them all

    The tree company i use charges 750 a day for 2 people 850 for 3 people no bucket trucks usually for only 1 large tree

    The companies with bucket trucks charge a lot less per a tree but they can do 10-20 trees in one day with ease
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    I dunno, at least 5 thousand is what I'm thinking...
    Those are pretty big trees and you got to haul them, too?

    I'd say each tree normally goes for close to a thousand or more, but that's when there exists a house.
    Still, at least 5 grand as a starting point, but I don't know enough to be sure.
    Might be 8 or 10k...

    Why not go to or whatever lawnsite's sister place is called for tree guys?
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    I was a foreman for a high end tree service in metro New Orleans and we had a rate of $147.00 per hour for a three man crew with a forester truck and chipper. This was 8 years ago. Insurance is a bear and to make a profit you have to keep control of cost. We (scratch that) I climbed everything and
    most jobs our crew went on could never get a bucket truck near.

    we would do three and four small jobs a day and billed out over $1500 on
    a normal busy day.

    Clearing an emply lot that was a little over an acre & 1/2 full of tall pines I charged $6400. This job required some major wood being taken down and anyone who has dealt with pines in the south knows exactly what I am talking about.

    We had a pulpwood guy bring in his truck and he did the majority of the work cutting and then pulling the logs and we split the profits on the wood after getting his check from the mill.

    I cut down everything else that the landowner wished and even pruned a magnolia that would later be at the front of the house. Freebee but after the profits on several loads of lumber to the mill it was more like a give back.

    Now, I know that every job is different but you can see the profits that can be made if you do your homework.

    This job was in a small town on the gulf coast of Ms and the owner had other bids of 7 to 10k. we got a burn permit and loaded everything into 3 piles and my helper had his kids come and help through everything that was left on the fires.

    Forgot this part

    Stump grinding was done by someone else and they charged extra.

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