Tree fert, what do you charge?


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southern ohio
Customer wants fert injected into the soil around the dripline of the trees. How much do you all charge per tree minus the stop fee as I will already be there doing other work. I'm not sure how many trees, maybe 30.

steven Bousquet

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common fees are $5 per cal inch. if the trees are close together and you have cross feed than charge by the thousand. common fees are 5-6 times the materails cost.

good luck and good growing

Rodney Anderson

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I get 3.50 per per DBH and feel comfortable charging this rate. I used a product from Doggett Tree Fertilizer. It is a
top notch product with micros. and humic acid. One good thing with the doggett product you can get a two year feeding for double the money and less the time if that is essential for your fall schedule. Note that decidious tree
feedings should be done when all the leaves become nonproductive or have fallen.