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    Got some pin oaks on an industrial property, I think its a gall, what do you think, can you do anything for this. A arborist says it can be treated in a three year periold, but i just see trees dying. any ideas.

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  2. gunsnroses

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    horned gall. probably cant do much for it. Prune it, proper fert and water is about it I believe. If the tree guy can do something....get him to put it on paper and guarantee it. I want to hear what he would use.
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    I would like to know the answer to this one also. I see several species of oak bedazzled with gouty, crown and other types of galls. The best method is removal when possible, however, some species just becomes over powered with these things that they slow down the sap flow and the stems become brittle. Removal is the best way and it can be extensive with no guarantee. Recovery will be slow as with all oak trees. I believe there is a injection product of phosphorus that will control these things but once a tree has them, they will not go away.

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