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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by soccer911, Jun 16, 2005.

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    Is their anything you can put on a tree limb after you cut it, to keep it from growing again?

  2. GreenUtah

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    a tree limb? A tree limb is not going to regrow after cutting. A new budding point may start new limbs, but the original does not grow back. If you are talking about water sprouts(sucker growth/limbs) coming from the area of the old cut then you a) made an improper cut to begin with or b) removed too high of a percentage of the tree, stressing it. A cut down tree stump maybe? remove the stump or cut it off below the soil line or if you must, r-up any new growth while the shoot wood is still green. Do NOT hit a living tree you intend to keep with a herbicide! If you are unsure of your pruning, there are many many resources avaialble on the web or books with diagrams on the proper cut points.
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    Making Proper Pruning Cuts

    Pruning cuts should be made just outside the branch collar. The branch collar contains trunk or parent branch tissue and should not be damaged or removed. If trunk collar has grown out on a dead limb to be removed, make the cut just beyond the collar. Do not cut the collar.

    If a large limb is to be removed, its weight should first be reduced. This is done by making an undercut about 12-18 inches from the limb's point of attachment. A second cut is made from the top, directly above or a few inches further out on the limb. This removes the limb leaving the 12-18 inch stub. The stub is removed by cutting back to the branch collar. This technique reduces the possibility of tearing the bark.
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    sounds like you are improperly cutting,are you heading back then getting regrowth?What kind of tree is it?

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