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    45 gallon Red Oak is going to run me 175.00. Farm is not far. Customer is not far. I am offering 90 day warranty on the tree. 1 year warranty on the labor. Customer does not seem to be tight on money.

    I am thinking 475-490 range taxes included. Your thoughts?
  2. ed2hess

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    We would put it in the ground for the price you are buying the tree for:hammerhead:

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    Including the cost of the tree? If so where are you getting 45 gallon red oaks that cheap?
  4. I would prob mark it up $60-$75, then figure 2 hour minimum at whatever your hourly rate is plus pickup and delivery.for landscaping and install of something that big I would prob charge $60-$75/hour.
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    I wonder how much that weighs dry? Do you need a bobcat or skidsteer to plant it?

    Taxes vary by region. Ours are 12%
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    Yep, that's about right. I'd get the tree for $100 range and install it $200 maybe $250.
    Not that I want to install one tree, but to service a customer I'd do it.
    More than $250 and you price yourself out of the market.
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    Not that you are...but that is SCAB pricing.

    Like others have said, you have to think of it in terms of weight. I dont know Texas..but a 90 day warranty on a tree is like a 1 week warranty on a means absolutely nothing. 1 tree and no other work with a 1 season warranty complete with labor included is easily 3x cost..not factoring countless other variables. What's the caliper of a 45 gal tree? They don't really sell those out east...b&b here. Your price is fine IF the tree is healthy, NOT POT BOUND, is delivered to the customer, installed PROPERLY, WATERED THOROUGHLY upon installation, amended soil if needed and explicit instructions on how to water it for the first month or so. I see lots of trees installed for what the guy above said and almost every one of them will deform from disease and pest damage before they ultimately die. Just look at any homedepot.
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    Landmark .....they were $125 and we estimate one hour to install or $50. We bought a drill powered by Echo engine to assist digging. If we get
    into rock then price goes up about $50.
  9. Think Green

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    How many men for that hour at 50.00?? Are you sick man!
    I have to get 100.00 a crew hour for 3 men to do a tree of this size......which only comes B+B here. The tree runs around 175.00 and usually 3 inch caliber. Excavation of the soil with tree spade and displacement of the soil. Plant the tree in the hole.......backfill, amend, stake, and clean up site will cost around 375.00.
    It all depends on how you sell your work and the results. However, their is no guarantee on planting a tree for me..............too many variables and hassles with weather conditions and customer neglect or herbicide and insecticide misuses.
    Most customers will allow a water hose to lay on the ground at the base of the ball and run for an hour or two. That is called adequate watering to most consumers. LOL!
    The delivery and labor.......they can take it at this price or leave it!!
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    First off folks shouldn't be throwing in warranties they can't cover without jacking the price,
    I am sorry but it burns me because if that's all we're doing why not just buy two or three whole
    trees to begin with and skip the warranty?

    And I realize a lot of businesses cover the costs of their warranties by jacking it into the
    cost to the consumer but that doesn't make it right!

    I will not deal with any business whose warranties are "included" in the price,
    either give it to me straight up or even without a warranty because it's only one
    step before I say lets not do business at all.

    Warranties are given because someone so firmly believes in what they are selling,
    that if it fails they will give it to the customer for FREE (read: on the company's dime!).
    That's what a warranty is supposed to be.

    Everyone who is offering anything else is just a comedian,
    a true warranty should never need to be included in the price.
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