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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Natural Impressions, May 13, 2006.

  1. Natural Impressions

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    What is everyone getting to installa tree???? Smaller shrubs, plant, etc. I usally just double the cost of the plant for the installation charge but with trees I am always curious what other are doing. If you buy a tree for $300 you couldn't just double....just seems to much. I usualy just try and make up a purchase/pick-up/delivery charge with an installation charge of about $50. Doesnt really take to long to plant. I then add any soil purchased for mixing of soil and removal ( if there is any) of and older/dead tree. So say....... a customer wants a 6-10ft red maple and they cost $275 ( just off the top of my head). I would charge $275, $65 for pickup/delivery, $50 to install and another $25.00 for anything else purchased which would come out to...doing the math.....$415.00. Is this what you do??? Just curious:waving: :drinkup:
  2. ProMo

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    If the tree doesnt survive and you have to replace it did you make any money?
  3. SuperiorLandscapeMgmt.

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    Yeah, you definitely have to consider the old warranty question. Where are you having to pay 300.00 for a tree? Just curious. Do you have any wholesale nurseries around?
  4. Natural Impressions

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    The $300 was an example...and some trees to get up there in price. And why are you both bringing up warrenty. The place I buy trees to give a 1 year warrnety on trees.
  5. MJM landscaping

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    I planted a flowering crab apple tree last summer with a 1000 lbs root ball. Customer bought the tree themselves. They payed $600. from my nursurey and I charged them $600. to plant. The bigger the trees the bigger the bills.
  6. farmer_lab

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    If they think you are to expensive they can do it themselves or have someone else do it. If you want to make money charge what it is worth to you. If you were in their shoes and did not want to mess with it or you were physically unable to do it would it be worth what you charge if it would be make that your profit and stick with that same profit margin. I have done many different jobs that I thought were to high but if you would have a tree die and have a warranty do they pay for the time it takes to go look at it get the new one, take out the old one, plant the new one?
  7. PSUturf

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    We usually charge 2.5 times the cost of the tree. If it is a small tree you have to add on more because spend almost as much time planting it and travel costs are the same.

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