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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by randy2625, Jun 19, 2004.

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    a couple of days ago here in ohio we got a bad storm it took down half of one of the tree at the apartments i mow for and she wants us to clean it up.she told us the insurence will be paying us and not to wory about how much it will be . what is the going hr rate for tree removal.
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    How long will it take you? How big of a tree is it? Do you have to haul it away? Are there any hazards in the surrounding area that would cause you to take more time than clearing a tree in say, "an open field"?

    I just had to cut down a 50 ft tree today in between two houses and make it fall right in between the houses. Now that was a hazardess task, and tacked on some extra bucks for that one.
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    One word of advice...

    Have her pay you directly, and let HER deal with getting paid from the insurance company.

    Been there, done that.

    I always recommend landscapers sub out/refer out that kind tree work, but I'd probably be wasting my time if I tried to explain why it's better, but suffice it to say that landscaping and arboriculture are two wholly different fields with little exception.

    It's been my (considerable) experience that good landscapers make lousy tree guys, and vice-versa- and those that try to do both, usually stink at both.
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    As Eric said, you would be better off recommending a tree service to do the work. Somehow I doubt a 17 year old kid (yes, you are still a kid) has the proper training and experience to deal with a tree removal. You are not Carl over on AS, though he has proved over time that he is more than capable.....

    I also somehow doubt that you will listen, since you didn't seem too interested in listening to sage advice on a wall that I remember you starting a thread for... But listen to the advice here! Tree work can be dangerous. If you doubt that, read the "Injuries and Fatalities" section over on AS.

    Find an arborist, then have them do the work. Go to and once inside click the "find an arborist" link.

  6. randy2625

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    well it is no big deal now i have the tree cut up and hauled away already. It was actually very easy and not hard at all had no problems with it. im getting the bill ready now now.

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    Glad you made out.

    If nothing else (and this goes for alot of people here), consider whether you're insured for tree work. It DOES make a difference- besides about 3 grand more in premiums.
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    You may get verbally abused if you have to go over to to ask how much to charge!

    You must be able to roughly guess the time? Why not charge at your guess for hours X a slight bit over your hourly rate?

    Be slightly generous, because the debris volume is often underestimated - especially with flowering plum and blue spruce if you haul rather than chip.

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