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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MP350, Aug 5, 2003.

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    Started in the tree business 6 years ago, customer asked if i mowed lawns so i said yes. Started with bucket truck, 5 chainsaws, pickup truck,trailer, toro walk behind, cheap blower and weedeater. 6 years later... bucket truck,chipper,stump grinder,chevy 1 ton dump, dodge 4x4,7x16 express trailer, 50"dixon, 60" dixon, toro walkbehind, sthil weeder,edger,hedger, Tanka handheld blower,edger,hedger,Shindaiwa backpack blowers(2),stick hedger and 11 chain saws. Trying to make the move from 50/50 trees&lawn to 20/80 trees&lawn right now I have approx 40 lawns.Also I work mostly by my self. Find most guys want to get paid but not work.
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    Hi MP350,

    Thanks for sharing your story!
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    Im just getting started now. have a few stihl chain saws 1 ground blower and 1 back pack with a couple of gas hedge trimmers and line trimmers. I wish i had one those combo dump bucket trucks but there are so damn expensive. Evan

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