Tree mounted down lights


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Wondering what you guys are using for downs in trees. For the past 5 years we were installing CAST and Copper Moon. Really like the adjustability and mounting of these fixtures. But became fond of the CAST impressionist downlight because of it's slimmer profile and ability to adjust lumens from the ground. This made things much easier with picky clients since we didn't have to climb trees at night to change lamps/tone down (or up).

Now that CAST has discontinued the impressionist line we are going back to traditional MR16 Copper Moons. But if anyone has suggestions for a fixture more similar to the impressionist (slimmer + adjustable light level) I am all ears.


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CopperMoon CM115T-Antique Finish. 60Degree MR16 inside. Just be sure to drill a 1/8" weep hole in the shroud behind the lens.

Yes James this is what we have been using. Great idea with the weep hole though we have been knocking out the lens but drilling a hole is definitely a better way to go.
Still miss my impressionists though I really liked them even though we've had a few of them fail.

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