tree moving business for sale, dose any one have any experience with this type of bus

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by landscapedesignpros, Jun 5, 2012.

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    what I have come across is an older man, 73 that has been growing trees since he retired, he had a younger business partner that also grew trees and operated two tree spades and handled all of the large tree planting. It was ran as two small seperate tree farms and a seperate tree moving company that services the two tree farms. Any ways The younger many died of cancer and now the older man bought the spades and takes care of the other mans tree fame and has been doing his own tree planting. IT is taking up way too much of his time and says his wife will kill him if he keeps doing all of this so he is basicly looking to sell the two spades as part of the spade business which services the two small tree farms. He says that they spade on average 1.4 trees a day. Dose any one have any experense with a spade business? I do design and install no maintance and think adding this business might help to open me up to some more high end customers and could really work well with my long term plan of opening a nursery. I meet with him on sat to check every thing out equipment and books but was wanting to see what thoughts or suggestions every one on here might have to help guide our meeting on sat. What are the going rates for spade work in the mid west?

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    also This is not actualy listed for sale, The older guy knows a very close family friend of mine who he was talking about how he really needs to find some one younger to handle the spade and planting work and he suggested we get together and talk a bit. I got a very good recomendation from my family friend about the guy selling this
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    Like any investment make sure you go over the books very carefully. I would suspect the tree spade business is a very specific niche market. Very limited due to seasons and such and the economy. Your longer term goal of securing a nursery sounds practical at this point. Like anything else your biggest challenge will be finding the key employees to pull this all off in the short and long term. Planning will be key, I believe you are on your way.
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    Run, the tree spade business is notorious for thriving in high end construction jobs, new shopping malls, neighborhood entrances ect.... over the past 6 years 4 owners have gone bankrupt in my area Due to the construction depression. If you want my opinion stick to what you are familiar with and buy some properties to maintain.

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