Tree Moving/Transplanting Time-Frame Question

Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by steven_ucf, Jan 16, 2008.

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    I am planning on beginning a tree install/sales/moving business this spring.

    My question is: Do you know if using a 12:1 (rootball size: caliper) ratio, on a Big John 65; would I be able to dig trees (pine, spruce, oak, maple, and ash) from a tree farm and move them to my property in the early spring; then be able to sell them and move them during the middle of summer without hurting the survivability rate.

    I would not think doing this would hurt the tree because all the roots have already been cut off in the early spring, I wouldn't imagine roots growing back past the original cuts, in a 3 - 4 month period. But I don't know that for sure.

    I was wondering if you knew if this would work or if you know of people doing this. Essentially it would be like doing a full root prune in the spring and then digging and moving the tree in the summer using the same spade to move the trees as you did to do the root prune.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    The tree will use up stored sugars and starches to begin to put out new roots then you are going to cut them again. I guess the real question is how healthy are the trees to begin with? If they are very healthy and they get good care after the final transplant they should be OK. If the trees are weak to begin with and get transplanted during a drought without consistent irrigation... Not so good.
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    In theory that will work...but the wind is the killer in the summer. Down where I am anyway. You will have to tarp and spray a wilt proof and make sure you watch your speed or the leaves will get wind burned and drop. It takes a lot longer moving i the summer we try to stay away from it, just book them for fall plantings, everyone will be much happier.
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    Spruce and pine you can go larger red maple is tight after 4.5 inches on the 12-1 theory(unless root pruned). Also move the trees evening or in the morning when cooler. The big john allows you to get away with more size than others.
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    Thanks for your help!!! It is much appreciated.

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