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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by friendly-landscaping, May 3, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,
    I'd appreciate some input as to what you guys would charge for cutting down 35 trees(about 8 feet, this would be the easiest and wouldn't take too long). Then the client wants 35 emerald cedar trees planted in his yard. I'd have to dig the wholes and plant them. He wants me to use new top soil as well.
    I'm not too sure how much to charge for this, it would be 2 guys working on it. Also, how long would it take?

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    Start with the rental portion:
    Stump grinder
    Chipper or trailer to haul off the old trees

    Then figure for bobcat rental for the day:
    need following attachments: auger (for the new tree holes), forks (too move said trees), and bucket (for moving soil and grading)

    Estimate time for each tree removal, then each stump ground down, then disposal of each tree

    Then hourly rate for grading and soil install

    Then hourly rate for install of new trees

    Make sure that you total up all rental fees + your markup (if you have one)
    Add in delivery fees for all equipment, soil, and trees

    It's normally easier to have everything delivered than it is to go pick everything up. The customer will be paying for everything anyway

    Finally, add in total cost of all materials/supplies

    Good luck
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    Forgot to add:
    Stump grinder, $150
    Chipper, $150
    Bobcat w/attachments for day $500
    Old tree removal (if largest is only 8' tall) 5-10 minutes each, cut, chipped, ground, 8 man hours @ $50/hr

    New tree install, 8 man hours @ $50/hr or you can double or triple the cost of the tree based on how large they are

    Double the price of the topsoil for the soil install total, Ex: 5 yds, $25/yd = $125 for soil, then $125 for installation for $250 total

    Final rough estimate for 2 days work w/2 men:
    Equipment $950
    Labor $800+
    Material (trees/soil) ????

    I would think that these numbers are somewhat in the ballpark, but are probably too low overall

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