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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Hard Worker, Sep 22, 2005.

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    I need advice, I'm planting Bradford Pear trees, approximately 6' to 8' tall. I've tried searching other threads but no luck, I'm sure its probably there but like most of us I'm impatient, so I apologize if I'm repeating a previous subject.What is the proper or best way to support these trees so they will grow straight? What would you fertilize these trees with? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. :help:
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    I wouldn't plant them. they are crap trees and in a good storm they will snap like a toothpick. There are other varieties out that are stronger and still have nice flowering in the spring. look into cleveland select pears. if you must plant them use any starter fert that the nursery recomends and pick up tree stakes at the nursery that you are buying them at. they grow fairly quickly and shouldn't need stakes after a year. but seriously look into something a little stronger.
    good luck.
    p.s. make sure you plant them 10-12' apart. its tempting when they are that small to space them too close.
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    I agree with cedarcroft, I wrote a little excerpt called "The over use of the Bradford pear" (do a search on this site and read it) the Cleveland select is a better choice, follow cedars advice. Be careful in any tree you use though, always do some research and check out growth habits, soil requirements, planting depth, etc. I like to compare all the pros and cons of a specimen and then choose if it is the right tree for the selected area. This will insure a healthy specimen for many years to come.

    Good luck
    O'Donnell Landscape Design
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    i agree with the others about bradford pears. it seems after every big thunderstorm i always have at least 3 messages of commercial clients of ours with pears that had them split in half on them during the wind. i cut so many pears down a year its sickening. although it keeps me busy.
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    Thank you folks for your replies. I will take your advice and not go with the Bradford's. Coffeecraver thanks for the links, they were a great help. I like the looks of those trees and have decided to go with a couple of those instead. :waving:

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