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Tree pruning & shrub trimming ?

Big M LawnnSnow

LawnSite Member
Belle Mead
OK...Whats the best way to price out Tree pruning & shrub trimming?
I've tried it by the hour and it seems to work well but I feel like I'm missing something here.
Any help from you all will be greatly appreciated


LawnSite Senior Member
I estimate by the hour also. I have been pruning long enough to have a real good idea how long it is going to take and price accordingly.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I price it by the hour, but I don't tell the customer the price is per hour. That seems to scare them off if you tell them $40 per hour. They think you'll take your time doing the job (which is true) and try to run up the bill (which is not true).

Instead, I try to estimate the time it will take to do the job including clean-up (working at a normal pace) and multiply that by $40 to come up with a price for the job. I have a minimum of 4 hours on hedge and shrub work, so the lowest bid would be $160. I do hedges and shrubs on days that I'm not mowing, usually Friday or Saturday. So, If I'm going to work on a day that I would otherwise be relaxing at home, I have a 4 hour minimum.

Now if I have a regular lawn customer that only has a small amount of hedge work (1 or 2 hours) I will try to do those while I'm mowing and bill them only for the 1 or 2 hours at $40 per hour.


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Same as DennisF here. I estimate it by the hour but don't give them the hourly rate. I will always price it a little high to leave room for anything that might come up


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zone 6
I only prune for my regular mowing accounts. The price is my hourly labor rate times the amount of time it takes. I never bid anymore. My clients know how I work, and they know I don't mess around so this is fair for everyone involved. If they don't like this arrangement I decline the job.