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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by K c m, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. K c m

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    Hello guys. Hope everyone has been safe for the last few months. To my question today i received a maintence contract and upon talking to the homeoners they also wanted me to remove 2 big trees. I was honest and said im not a professional at that. I do small stuff nothing more then about 10 feet. I was wondering, for you other professionals in the tree business how do you bid trees? besides hourly rate+ dumping it is a lot more work involved.

    just curious.

  2. Mo Green

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    Tree work is very dangerous, especially for someone that is not trained. Find a good tree guy and sub out the work.
  3. K c m

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    I forgot to write that down. I do sub out everthing from pools to landscapign to trees. im just curious on how a tree is charged.
  4. wanabe

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    How big are they? I just took down a 60 footer last week, I just rented a man lift to get it done. I had the tree down on the ground in 45 min, limb by limb. Cleanup is another thing. It took 2 guys 2.5 hrs including hauling to the dump.
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    I got a buddy I sub out my tree work to. He's a tree climber, works his way bottom up removing branches and then top down removing sections at a time. I think most guys can look at a tree and pretty much estimate the price by looking. As far as charging, dumping fees would always be calculated after the job is complete.
  6. northwest lawn

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    most companys bid the job so thay can try to make $100.00 per man hour
  7. Grass Cake

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    My Dad has cut trees all my life(he's retired from CSX),so did my PAPA....
    The tree size and the area surrounding the tree are the biggest factors in price. One other thing.....the accessability(sp?) is key too.

    A pine tree the size of a five gallon bucket that can be trimmed without
    lowering any limbs and dropped down in chunks will usually run 150-175.

    Any obstacles that call for lowering limbs,logs.. increase the price dramatically.

    BTW....I hooked poles for over 15 years as a CATV lineman. (worthless trivia) :D

    Hope i helped.

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