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Call a couple of local tree company's they will usually give you a ball park over the phone, or just sub it out.
I would NEVER give a price over the phone! Thats ludicrous.

It depends on a number of factors........size, location, species, targets below and around the species, does it have to be climbed, can a bucket be used, is it a crane tree? Number of factors out there. Then you have to compete with the undercutting hacks who have no insurance and no workers comp insurance!

Lots of factors, and not ONE tree co. in my area would give you a quote without seeing it. Someone could call up and say they have a 50' Oak in their yard they want down. You get there and its a 75' Oak with a DBH of 4', thats 500' in the backyard overhanging a pool and a house, not to mention the garden. Only access is cutting it all up and bringing it out through the kitchen and family room!
See what I mean?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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