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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by turbo5560, Jun 21, 2010.

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    so i just had my pool replastered and i believe the guys cleaned some tools by this tree. On the otherside of the fence is a large dead spot where the grass died too. The WHOLE tree was flowering two weeks ago and now looks like its about to die, or at least half of it. first two pictures are of the tree and the last picture is of the leaves on the side of the tree that look like they are dieing. Can anyone tell me if that is a possibility? I want to call and talk to the company, but I want to know what i am talking about before i accuse them of something. any help would be appreciated



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    To rule out the pool company did anything negligent is hit and miss. I wouldn't go casting stones's at this company just yet. The outer leaf damage is resonant of leaf curl blight!
    It can be any one of the common fungus's that attack trees suddenly without notice. Sudden weather changes of temperature and humidity and moisture can change things in an instant. Cooler evenings and warm days can cause this. The best thing to do is take a full twig sample to a nearby Nursery for observation by the Arborist or Landscape designer.

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