tree removal: how much should i charge

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by texaslandscaper, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. texaslandscaper

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    I decided to keep using my current arborist for another job across the street from my current job. what do yall think i should charge for this job. It consists of removing a 30 foot tree with a large canopy wich i guess would cover 2500 sq feet. Im also asked to trim three other trees wich have branches that must be removed away from the home. What should i charge over all. I have a good idea but would like to see what yall think.
  2. LandscapePro

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    Just add (X) percent to what ever he's gonna charge you. No need to worry about this one at all.

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  3. texaslandscaper

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    i just went to bid the job and the homeowner thought that 650 was too much. I will only remove one tree and trim one. Im charging 500 to remove to the stump and 50 to trim the other one. I will also charge one hundred to remove and dispose of the branches. I personaly think that a certified arborist would charge 850 for this job but since my guy isnt i thought six fifty was reasonable or was this to much.
  4. Lugnut

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    That sounds somewhat reasonable. People often think trees are cheap to have cut down and are shocked when they hear what it is going to cost them, even when they are getting a great deal.
  5. Freddy_Kruger

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    I just had a giant elm tree with three main arteries removed, must have been 50-60 feet high with a trunk that must be at least 3+ feet in diametre. 3 guys and $500 dollars, stump and all and they filled the hole.
  6. sheshovel

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    Cost me $1500.00 to have a huge Oak that was leaning on my garage taken down,,they had to use a crane though and cut off pieces and crane them over so they woulden't fall on the garage

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