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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ajlandscaping, May 13, 2006.

  1. ajlandscaping

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    well with the past storms one of my customers trees fell over and if propped up agains there chainlink fence suprisingly the fence wasn't busted just bent alittle. well she asked if i could remove this tree for her all it needs is to be cut up with a chainsaw and thrown on the trailer and hauled off the size of the tree is about 30-40 feet tall and the trunk is probably 1.5 - 2 feet in circumfrance.

    how much should i charge for this?
  2. freddyc

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    If you have cut up trees before you'd know that a tree that size will take about 1 1/2-2 hrs to cut up, limb, and pile up somewhere. I'm nort trying to be sarcastic, but your post indicates someone without a lot of experience in theis area.

    If its leaning on a fence, and you have to ask, you should probably skip it. Trees that size contain a lot of force and one leaning against something isn't the first tree you should be learning on.

    That said, your hourly rate for 3 hrs and hauling fees would be my guess.
  3. DLS1

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    If you don't have insurance that will cover you cutting down trees and damaging property then forget it. One incident of a tree falling on a house roof or car or ? may put you out of business. Let the guys with tree insurance do this type of work. Don't get caught up in trying to make another few dollars without the proper insurance.
  4. ajlandscaping

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    this tree is standing anymore its fallen away from the house so there is no way that i can damage anything because its practically lying on the ground but one of the limbs is resting on the fence i was also thinking it would take approximaty 2 - 3 man hours to do this with hauling fees and time i was thinking it would cost in the range of $150 to high to low? input please
  5. Splicer

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    $300.00...+ dump fees...
  6. topsites

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    I would have to agree, in my 2nd year Hurricane Isabelle come around and I thought like the thread starter, I can do this with a chainsaw... I had a large tree laying on the ground, and I am just cutting when it suddenly snapped.
    I got real lucky it went the other way, haven't touched anything that size since.
    The power you can feel when that happens will send your head into a spin from the adrenaline except it's not cool like a roller-coaster,
    it's just scary and it's a bad scary.

    Won't touch one for less than 200, 2 feet in diameter is a lot more but see my insurance covers me for grass-cutting: The Insco's agent even asked me if I did tree work and I said NO, so I really can't, and I don't.
    My chainsaw is for small stuff, things that even if they fall directly on me, won't kill me.
  7. Coffeecraver

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    The wrong cut could cause the tree to crumble the remaining fence,and if it does you would be liable.
    Be carefull getting in to a situation like this.
  8. ajlandscaping

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    well figure i tell you how it went 3 hours of work alittle longer than i wanted but had some chainsaw problems took it down with much ease wasn't as difficult as i thought it would be with it leaning against a fence went very well cut up nice and easy and quickly cleaned and hauled off it was worth the cash payup

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