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  1. Boersma Enterprises

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    I am working on a bid to cut down four 70 foot pines. They are about 2.5 feet in diameter at the base of each tree. There is a building 50 feet away but we have a parking lot to drop the tree into for cutting up, loading, and hauling away. I have a trailer and the saws to do the job.

    I need to know what is a competitive price range. I am thinking around $4,000-$6,000 but I want to have a little more information so I can get a solid number. Any suggestions are welcome!


    Josh Boersma

  2. OneLineAtATime

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    Why so high on price... I see it being a two day job maybe even one day...
  3. easy-lift guy

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    Is this your first tree removal job?
    Does your price include grinding out of stumps?
    Are you a member of the church that your submitting this bid for?
    easy-lift guy
  4. b landscaping

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    That would be a 2500-3000 job and have it done in six hrs
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  5. lumberjack1986

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    If they're cool with flopping them in the parking lot, and assuming a 25 minute drive to the dump site, that job would take my two man crew 4-5 hours on site and cost ~$1200-1500. The stumps would be another $2-300 without cleanup, depending on the surface roots.
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  6. lovealways

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    That depends on the height, size, condition of ground, tree species, and time took to remove a time. In your case of four 70 foot pines it cost not more than 2500$. A little more for stump removal and site clean up. Reliable tree service company might charge little more for that but not more than 3500$.
  7. Steve Voss

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    I agree 2400 - 3000 tops, even without owning the proper equipment, you can rent a grinder for 200, a dumptrailer for 200 more, and come out well over a grand profit for one days work.
  8. recycledsole

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    Won't they break the pavement id you drop them?
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  9. b landscaping

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    Pavement should not have a problem unless stubs are on the tree. Then they will push in pavement. Nothing a little asphalt patch can't fix.
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  10. lumberjack1986

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    Um that's concrete. Busting a parking lot is hack work unless the told them the danger and they accepted the cheaper option.

    I would drop the first, then cut it up and make a pile for the rest to fall on.
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