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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by texaslandscaper, Mar 21, 2006.

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    I have a client that wants a tree cut down to the trunk. The tree is mostly dead and is about as tall as a telephone poll. What is the standerd rate for removing a tree. Also what would be the best aproach to removing this tree.
    I figured my crew and i could start from the top and work ourselves down.
    Im 22 years old and have started my bussiness from scratch with plenty of labor available but no real experience. :weightlifter: I have a 2003 avalanche on 23s :cool2: with a 5\10 trailer,a 18 inch 55cc crafstmen chainsaw,an electric start craftsmen push mower with independent rear axel,2 weed eaters,and a : craftsman blower/vac
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    Good luck getting very far with that Craftsman chainsaw
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    Hey my Dad owns property in Angel Fire, NM and he clears the dead tress out for fire wood. One Christmas he asked for a chainsaw. Knowing he would probably never use it I went to Sears and bought the same chainsaw and it has been running strong for 5 years now with only a chain replacement. IMO that thing is as good as it comes although it is not as quick as others commercial types.
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    I know they have their place. My 80-year old uncle cut several cords of firewood each year with his Craftsman chainsaw. It did the job for him, but wasn't very powerful and was always breaking down, so he shelled out the cash for a Stihl and hasn't looked back. I'd hate to get a tree half-down and have my chainsaw give out on me.
    As far as the tree goes, make sure you know what you're doing. It's not quite as simple as start hacking and pieces will have to make sure you do it safely. Also, what kind of tree is it, and exactly how tall? If you are starting at the top, how do you plan on getting up there, and do you plan on slinging that Craftsman chainsaw in the top of the tree?
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    Cutting that tree down could be the last thing you do in life if you dont know what you are doing. Being that it is mostly dead is even worse. Find somebody that knows what they are doing and have them help or let them do it and charge them a little "finders fee" . I used to trim trees for 3 years and seen some people get hurt doing it.
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    Unless you have a lift readily available, I would let someone else take care of it. You've really got no business climbing around in a tree (dead tree at that) that is 20+ feet off the ground. To be honest with you, if I was an employee and you told me to do it I'd probably walk off the job. Safety needs to be your first priority and this is NOT SAFE. Sub this out to someone who knows what they're doing and has the proper equipment.
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    Make sure that you don't have to remove the stump. I normally will not remove the stump, but I can get it to within 1/2 inch to the ground if not even with the ground and most people are willing to settle with that. If there are no obstacles, I would charge (this is without seeing your situation) $250.00 which includes dumping fees. I just bid a removal job with two trees and it takes me less time to remove than to trim.
    I learned on my own because I had to "eat", so it can be done...just be careful and take your time....It should take between 4 to 6 hours (I only have me to compare to though). A MUST IS KEEP YOUR CAIN SHARP!
    I don't have a chipper, so what I do is put up side boards on my truck, load as much as I can, then use the chain saw to mulch down all the branches. You can fit a lot of "tree" in a pickup bed this way.
    Best of luck!
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    I was in Pecos once. Don't remember any alot of sandy ground and weeds Let a pro do it. These jobs can turn ugly fast if you don't know how.
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    Agreed do not take on this work without knowing what you are doing.Call a tree company and sub it out to them.

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