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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by texaslandscaper, Mar 21, 2006.

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    I have a client that wants a tree cut down to the trunk. The tree is mostly dead and is about as tall as a telephone poll. What is the standerd rate for removing a tree. Also what would be the best aproach to removing this tree.
    I figured my crew and i could start from the top and work ourselves down.
    Im 22 years old and have started my bussiness from scratch with plenty of labor available but no real experience. :weightlifter: I have a 2003 avalanche on 23s :cool2: with a 5\10 trailer,a 18 inch 55cc crafstmen chainsaw,an electric start craftsmen push mower with independent rear axel,2 weed eaters,and a : craftsman blower/vac
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    the best standard rate you could charge for this is whatever a licensed and insured tree service would charge you. Sub it,..make a few, and call it good. You can't pay for a lifelong back injury of an employee. Nor, damage to something caused by falling tree parts. Ask your insurance company how much more ot would cost to drop trees and see what it costs. It is utterly amazing how much the insurance goes up.
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    charge garbage, 1/2 the total roundtrip and figure a rate for you alone. In this situation there's no reason to bring someone. (bout 2.5 hours alone)

    It sounds like a 20 footer. bring a 6 foot ladder, and start cuttin.

    I take these weed-type trees down pretty often.
    about 150 to the stump and 300 if you rent a grinder or promise to get the stump/roots.

    People usually just want it gone. If your gonna plant on or near it, pitch the grinder.

    Garbage for me is 50$ for as much as I can fit in my bed and trailer. It's a lot of tree.
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    I am sorry but I had to laugh that you felt the need to mention that your Avalanche has 23's...

    As for the tree........I always look at jobs from a different POV.....ask yourself is it worth it to you if things go bad? If the answer is yes then sub it to someone who is set up to do the job safely.

    Oh my wife's mini van has 16's....:waving:

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    In the FIRST place, NOT try to do this alone. No one has ANY business working on a tree by themselves. Another thing,....leave the ladder at home. Have you EVER seen a tree service (I mean a real one) with a ladder leaning against the tree? The answer is no. If you have EVER seen the force of a twisting branch coming down, and the leverage it has, you would know why you NEVER use a ladder against a tree. A branch swinging down can shift (and most always do) and bat you down like a fly.This is serious business, and there is NO room for getting half azzed advice by people who don't know. I will NOT have that on my conscience -that I did not warn an impressionable twenty year old who may be spending the rest of his life as a parapalegic for the sake of "half the rate for working alone". And I'm sorry gslawncare,...I mean no offense.
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    We charge $25-30 per foot (in height) depending on how difficult it is.

    Stump grinding and cleanup is additional.
  7. Lawn Masters

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    As a groundsman for a tree company in my town, I CANNOT agree more! you're safest simply calling a tree service that is trained, and qualified in removing of such things. its not worth risking injury to you, your employee(s) or property.

    we do it the easy way, just bring it down, chip the brush, and in most cases where the logs are under 10" the trunk too. but you need to remember, this isnt as simple as it sounds. there are sometimes powerlines, breakable objects, such as houses, cars, windows, those expensive screen enclosures over pools, etc that we dont want to bring the tree down on top of. if its oak, it'll be HEAVY. oak is like wooden lead, it soaks up the water, and just holds it in, and weighs so much its not funny.

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