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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Kath Waddington, Jul 16, 2001.

  1. Kath Waddington

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    I am a homeowner and need to have about 15 large trees (about 35 years old) removed from my property. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions other than the option of just taking them down and getting rid of the wood. Ideally, I'm looking for some kind of trade for removal with someone who wants the wood or the trees themselves.
  2. Scraper

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    No offense, but good luck trying to find someone to do it for see...the tree services charge to handle the tree and then for some can make an extra buck reselling the wood on the firewood market. Not to mention those trees sound like they'd be pretty large. You might be best placing an ad in your local "rag" paper and see if you get any bites. Tell you what have them dropped and I'll come pick up the wood for free. ;)

    P.S. Try posting at this site....
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    lady, i have no idea what these trees are near, however lets say that they are about 20" dbh. that is barely good for lumber. now lets say you have septic there. you cannot just cut these trees at the bottom and let em fall on the septic whole. they gotta be pieced out. my best day so far with dropping trees of this size would be about 11 trees in one day. cut down and clean up. that is just pull em over and start cutting. if you gotta piece em out, you may be looking at only 7 per day tops. so its all what the tree is over, or near.

    P.S. - i get about 1000 per day minimum 3 guys / truck / chipper. wood stays. 300 per truck load to remove wood.

    only way somebody would do it for free is if you got some very nice juglans nigra, or black walnuts there. then you can do some bargaining. otherwise, good luck
  4. awm

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    my neighbor mr. page would love to have them . unfortunately hes here in the hills of carolina.
  5. ArboristSite

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    I know of several guys that might be able to help you get this done for free depending on the type of wood it is. Please ask the same question at The guys in here might not be aware of lumber sales.

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