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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by turbo5560, Sep 1, 2007.

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    so this may not be the best place to post this question, but not sure where to start it.
    I had a tree fall down in a customers yard during a storm. The tree is about 60-70 feet tall maple. The area it up rooted is about 10 x 30.
    My questions:
    1. what do you charge to do work like that. I was thinking of $20 an hour per guy and having about 5 guys there. Thought i could get most of it done in a long day.
    2. Do i let the area up rooted fall back into place and grind the stump or try to clean it up and fill it in with topsoil.
    3. Any ideas of how to cut the up rooted section apart? A chain saw won't work. I plan on having a skid steer there, but it's too big to move even with that.
    4. I was thinking about sending the quote for $1,750. for labor and material, plus i planned on spliting the wood and selling it. Sound like a decent quote?
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    I work solo and spend my winters doing cordwood. The top of the tree can be limbed and hauled away by loading it on the truck manually. Do not do any more chainsaw work than necessary on the lawn. I would have one other guy help me load logs for larger pieces. Then blow the sawdust. 1 day - 2 people = $200-$350 + $200 for trucking and $100 for chainsaw.
    No need for skidster if it can't help with the stump, it just tears up the lawn. Grinding is your best option if you can get it to fall back into place enough, otherwise hacking out the roots and winching it up on the truck is best you may be able to do. Power wash away the dirt for accesability and perhaps an old bar and chain on the saw will save some time. 1 guy one day with powerwash, chainsaw and/or axe and grinder including winch and truck and a 2nd guy for loading and dumping for $1000 sounds pretty close. Do not know what use the other 4 guys would be.
    I had a pine tree uprooted of that size and took away the top myself with an 18" chainsaw and a pickup truck. 4 or 5 loads total about and hour to load and unload each time plus 1/2 hour roundtrip travel. They have now decided against the skidster so it is pickaxe and powerwash. It won't fit on a pickup and since this is soft ground we may just bury it rather than rut it with a larger truck. If it doesn't bury we will haul it after the ground freezes.
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    take a look at arborist i think you will find the answer to your question and a lot more info to help. but that price sounds dead on, i just got done cleaning up after are tornado to.
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    Maybe its going to be harder than you think. I have no idea, but it sounds like a big root mass, unless it was just wide and thin. But 30' is long.

    This is standing sideways now? Or just lifted a little?

    You may have a lot of axe and pick work if a stump grinder won't work.

    Consider sacrificing a $99 Poulan chainsaw from Lowe's and buy 4 or 5 thirteen dollar chains for it. Purely sacrificial.

    I had to remove a small cypress in a planter once. No rocks. I cut 24" rootball with the Poulan and just wasted 2 chains. No machines would work, else the stone wall would be ruined.

    It's probably not recommended in the manual :)

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