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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by abryconlawn, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Hey everybody, I've been in the landscaping business for about five years now and just doing general maintenance and mowing work. I also do a little bit of tree removal too. I'm curious how you guys go about estimating the price of tree removal jobs you have. Are there average prices that you can help me with when trying to figure up estimates. I've got a basic understanding of it, but wanted to get someone else's opinion. I know some estimates can get pretty high. What do you consider when pricing jobs. Also, if you could give me an example with a picture of a job you did and how much you charged. Thanks.
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    We will take down trees but that limited to ground work only, cut down and haul away. My insurance does not cover elevated tree work so were limited on what we can do. I limit the size of trees we will take out to 25'-30' trees and thats only if there not close to structures. My insurance costs would go through the roof if we did more than that.
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    If you have a tree close to a house, you'll need to equip your guy with full body harness, protective body gear etc... make sure the worker is fully protected, then charge by the hour. You can't lose by the hour, especially a large tree. It could take a lot more hours then you would ever imagine. Some trees over 50' the customers has paid our company over $1,500 and up with cleanup and haul away. Around $75/hr per worker. We have one spotter for safety and helper to feed gas or instructions for the guy in the tree. In 07, we probably made over 20k in tree removal in 1 month, good service to add on mowing. We condo work only so that's how we're setup.

    Good luck

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    I do little trees. The kind where you can drag everything into the woods and lose it. Anything big I just call my tree guy, he comes out and looks up at the tree. Usually has a price for me when he looks down again. Guess he just knows from experience. He gives me a good price, I tack on 10% for me and give the news to my customer. Works for both of us.:cool2:

    I have seen companies with cranes pick up chunks of trees from the back yard and fly them over the house to the front yard for processing. Several thousand $ not uncommon.
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    my insurance company prohibits me from leaving the ground

    or making more then 2% of my gross from tree work

    i cut plently of trees over the year...

    anymore if they are not on the ground, or i can't heave them like a javilen the saw stays in the cabinet....

    Works fine for me... i refer my tree work to a freind with a bucket truck and enough equitment... he refers landscaping to me.... works tons better


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