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Tree rigging rope

Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by Element Property Mgmt, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Element Property Mgmt

    Element Property Mgmt LawnSite Member
    Messages: 80

    can anyone educate me a little bit about rope that is used for felling trees?
    i'm looking at all these different kinds of ropes online from all the local box stores around me and all i really know(or think i know) is that i want a rope that is at least 5/8" diameter. On top of that i am seeing information on technical specs of rope like how it is woven and what it is made from, i have no clue on either of these categories what i am looking for. Then there is just the basic weight rating for rope which obviously the bigger the better, but what exactly should be a good minimum?
    i have a job contract i am signing with a customer for a few 12-18" trees in their yard(don't worry its not within distance of the home) and i know how to fell a tree directionally i just want that extra assistance of a rope so it doesn't go into other trees.
  2. 7.3 Rocket

    7.3 Rocket LawnSite Member
    from CT
    Messages: 114

    We routinely fell large trees with a rope come along and 1/2" line. 5/8 will get VERY heavy.

    A throw line can be used to get your pull line into a crotch high in the tree. you can then tie a running bowline and pull it up or tie a running bowline at the base a few feet above your face cut.

    Be very cautious in regards to how much pressure you're putting on that pull line. I'm guessing you plan to pull on this rope with a truck and that's why you are looking at a 5/8 rope. I'd recommend a rope come along simply because it is easier for a helper to gauge how much tension is on the rope vs pulling with a vehicle.

    If you put too much tension on that rope the tree will have a tendency to barber chair rather than just have a little pull in the right direction. Tree needs to ride the hinge until it's where you want it.

    We typically order all our supplies from Sherrill Tree. Any rigging line you can get on there will be more than sufficient for your needs.

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