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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by grobbins6, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Hello everyone-

    We recently moved to a new home (2 mos ago) and are trying to get a handle on the landscaping. Here is today's dilemma...

    The photos below show how the previous owner edged around a tree and the resulting impact the tree roots have had (several trees are in the same situation). Does anyone have any suggestions for way to give definition to the planting area without damaging the trees (there are several in this condition)? I would love to use some kind of border but can't imagine cutting the roots is a good idea.



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    Hate to say this...but I think it's time to lose the stop-sign shaped bed-edges, made so handsomely from landscape timbers.... probably about the time Mary Kate and Ashley were still on "Full House"... and filling their respective "diappies":).

    And you would probably want to increase the general bed size ( 'circular' :rolleyes:) to encompass the majority of the given tree's drip line circumference.

    This would allow you to add more & different plant material, as well as 'hide' more of the exposed root system from the tree(s).

    Plus, reducing turf competition within the tree's dripline area will, in the long run, help the trees, assuming you don't butcher too many tree feeder roots while you're doing your bed extension project.

    Do you really need a wooden, plastic, or concrete edge ?
    I don't think so !
    You just need a good sharp, lightweight edging spade, and a general knowledge of how to cut out a landscape bed / tree edge with one of them.

    Then you just apply pre-emergent (if desired), and mulch, then you're done.

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    Thanks for the advice guys...I really appreciate it.

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