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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greenman, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. greenman

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    I have to do a renovation. The topsoil, sod, and maybe a retaining wall, plants, etc. is no problem. The problem is the tree root above the ground. This guy wants sod, no bed, there. My suggetsion was to remove the tree AND the roots (if possible). It is pine(s), so the roots should not be too deep. Other option, cover the roots and lay sod. How can I cover the roots with dirt w/o smothering the pine? Or can I? What do you guys think? I can provide more information is needed.

  2. greenman

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    another pic

  3. GLAN

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    I would NEVER sod that.

    Soil and seed, with them knowing it will not be perfect but only an adequate lawn.

    Remove the trees.
  4. mtdman

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    If those are pine trees, chances are the trees are going to cause problems with any new sod or grass you might plant there. Pine trees and grass don't go together so well.

    And it is my understanding tree roots grow above ground like that because the soil is so hard and clay-ish that they can't collect water and nutrients. That might be a heads up about what's under the lawn there.

    Of course, I could be wrong. I'm no arborist.

  5. NNJLandman

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    Fill topsoil and grade the soil right over top of the roots. I would sod right upto the roots then cut a slit or start a new piece so there would be and opening right about the root. There shouldn't be any problem at all with dirt and sod right about the base of the pine.
  6. sbvfd592

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    LIME 2x a year:blob4:
  7. Jimbo

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    Whats the Lime trick do exactly?
  8. sbvfd592

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    level out the ph in the soil
  9. gene gls

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    Incorporate the two trees into a flower bed, Hostas,Ferns, and mulch.

  10. Art Stubbs handy 58

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    You and the home owner will never be happy with the look, if you sod. I would'nt think that putting black top soil and seed would do the trick either. I would recommend making a perennial bed out of the tree area, it would be the most successful solution for what you are dealing with...

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