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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Bryant Tree, Aug 30, 2004.

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    I have been in the tree service buisness for 20 years and now starting the planning stages of growing into the construction area. Does anybody have advice or coments on certain types of work to go into or mainly certain fields not to enter in. We have been waiting to reach the $600,000 a year gross in tree operations before doing this mainly so we can avoid the cash flow problems that happen when expanding.We are also wanting to start in the lawn maintance mostly for the marketing aspect. Any and all coments would be appricatied. Thanks Pat B
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    since you know trees,planting them should become a standard part of your business.

    Find a local Landscape Designer,or hire one to bring new business.
    Advertising landscape services such as mulching,installs and pruning trees and shrubs. These things are fairly simple and should not change your operation much.
    Hire a Landscape forman that is experenced,he should be able to work with the designer and do installs according to plans.
    Send the designer out to do estimates,in the beginning.The designer should have an eye for detail and could turn a 100.00 job into a 500.00 job.
    Check with your local extension office about Horticulture Certification.Also ck this link
    Also ck with:
    M.D. Vaden - Beaverton, Oregon
    Certified Arborist -Certified Landscape Technician

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