Tree/Shrub apps.


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South West PA
Does anyone offer them? From my own reseaarch, you can sell them to about 20% of your lawn treatment customers.

They seem like a risk though. With as many trees and shrubs, and as many diseases ans insects out there to damage them, the potential for an unhappy customer seems greater than for lawn treatment customer. I also know that since the greater the risk, the greater the reward can be.

To me, it doesn't seem really feasable to offer the service?

Thoughts, questions, comments???


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I just started offering it this year, i'm getting ready to send out a letter to all my lawn care customers that i am offering it. i haven't worked out the wording yet about a guarantee so if anyone has it please let me know! One woman i service has roses ( pain in the butt) we also just installed a bunch of fruit trees for her and other plants. Had problems right from the start! Grapes and figs got rust, fireblight on apple, what a pain! Her price is going up next year!!! I am lucky we have a nursery right down the street that is very helpful if i can't figure out what going on with a plant. But i also have at least 10 books on pests + disease. But if you keep everything in check as soon as it appears or know what's coming it's not bad. I think i added $250/yr. for her service. I hooked up another one the other day for about the same amount. These are accounts where we are there all the time anyways, i would try not to do it for somone who's not a regular service customer.Watch out for plants that are in the wrong place to begin with, like azaleas and rhodos in full sun, always have problems until they die! It's only as risky as you write your agreement, i didn't mention any on the few i did and they didn't mention it either?