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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by DVL, May 26, 2008.

  1. DVL

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    I've got an install I need some help on. The job is for an apartment building that is being renovated. Here are the particulars.

    1. Installing 19 Bradford Pears (30 Gallon). 9 along the easment and 10 inside the apartments courtyard. My cost is $129.00 whsl/tree. All staked no mulch. The nursery will deliver these and # 2 all for $50.00.

    2. 70 Red Tip Photinias 5 gal @ 9.00/ container.

    3. The pools has been filled in and now needs about 25 yards of topsoil that has to be graded in and sodded over. Not sure what to charge grading in the topsoil.

  2. White Gardens

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    Can you go with anything besides the bradford pears. People have stopped planting them around here because they have been breaking in heavy wind, and have become hazardous.

    I would think about charging for a lot of labor hours. It seems like the job will take a long time to do. You might want to get an idea of how long and run it by the apartment people, you don't want to give them a bill in the end that they won't pay.
  3. LawnVet

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    Great delivery price. Wish I could get that here.
    Pool? -do you mean a pond or a genuine lined and tiled pool? I hope it was a pond or at least the pool was broken up enough for some drainage to occur or you may end up with a super-saturated soil issue. How big is it? If it is just a deep hole with a regular sized swimming pool surface you could do that by hand I suppose. If it is much bigger you will need to figure in rental cost and labor time for equipment. Also, might as well put some large aggregate in the bottom to fill it up quicker - then put the topsoil in - 25 yards of topsoil in a hole seems like a waste of topsoil to IMO. --Good luck--
  4. DVL

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    The pool has already been filled. They just want the topsoil to cover where the have been going back and forth with a skid steer.
  5. BillyRgn

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    the tree's, i would probally charge about $30 a tree, but i would have to see them first to give an exact price. $30 per tree x 19 trees = $570.00

    the photinias, i'm guessing i would charge roughly $5 a piece $5 x 70 = $350

    the topsoil i usually get about $25 to $30 a yard to spread it.
    $25 x 25yds = $625

    as far as the sod i would need the square footage to help you with a price, but generally i charge 75 cents per square foot for the sod and laying it down.

    job total $570 + $350 + $625 = $1545.00 + sales tax
  6. Jb3NH

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    I've been looking at pears for the past two weeks. The Bradford pear is one of the most popular, it is also the most often replaced of pears. The branching structure is terrible and prone to breakage. You may want to look at chanticleer pears instead. Good Luck
  7. Harley-D

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    No offense billy but that pricing sounds a little low. Where do you get your rates?
    I'ld do about 200 per tree and about 1200 for the photinia's. Remember, your delivery is cheap but you gotta haul those plants around the job site. I would rent an auger if you don't have one, that'll save alot of time.
    The topsoil depends on if your doing it by hand or skidsteer.

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