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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by birdturd9726, May 19, 2009.

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    Thanks Larry, I appreciate your comment.
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    thanks for all this info. I am looking to add these applications to my services, of course practicing IPM and treating only what has to be. I am trying to figure out the pricing i can charge each application. garydale, please let me know what you are charging for an application per 1000 sq ft or per gal. I figured out my cost per gal and per 1000 sq ft, but i want to maximize my profits with the going rate. I have an idea what im going to charge, but want to double check. Also if you can give me some insight on the pricing for the following as well, along with any other services i could ad too! Thanks

    I am interested in developing a pricing guide for spraying chemical for the rest of this season. Is there a rule of thumb that you go by, or just time + material. Right not i have my costs per 1000 sqft but no specific formulas to calculate the properties. My fert prices are all over the place. I cover my costs and am making good money, but their is no steady pricing, some lawns i make a killing and some not too much.

    5-step fert program (lebanon)
    ornamental bed spraying (surflan/roundup)
    driveway crack spraying (roundup)
    turf broadleaf treatments (speedzone)
    deep root fertilization
    rose spray
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    What are people charging for shrub insect control?
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    Too many variables bud. On the safe side, I'd say $2 per minute (product included).

    Phasthound -- can I buy a couple gallons of mosquito barrier/garlic mosquito spray? (we're getting requests already, and it sure worked fine last year). Thanks. PM me when you get a chance.

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    Sure Larry.

    I just got this comment from a residential customer,
    "We will be getting that spray every month through the season!!!! Amazing! We had a huge amount of stinkbugs before and barely any now. Seems it works for everything. We also told ALL of our neighbors so hopefully you will be getting more business."

    When we make the application, we don't add anything else to it. Don't see a need to. Adding this service has helped our bottom line.
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    There seems to be a wide range of programs out there. I've seen a 5, 6, and 7 app program. I've also seen people do 2 and 3 step programs.

    In considering a shurb and small tree(holly, crepe myrtle, etc) Any reason why a spring systemic and winter hort oil app wouldn't be enough for just a basic broad spectrum program. Then "as needed in the summer." Maybe add a 3rd app for preventative fungicide. I don't have the ability to deep root inject, but could use a granular in the fall for a 4th app.
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    I would love to hear more about this. ESP. Mosquito sprays...very much in demand.

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