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A good friend of mine, who has worked in landscaping for several years, recently approached me about going partners on a small tree-spaying operation. I'm looking for input from some experienced landscapers.

First, I know almost nothing about the business. I am a teacher, and plan on keeping my job, but would enjoy supplementing my income with a small operation I could operate in the summer/weekends with my friends help. The market where we live looks good, because we live on the western edge of urban sprawl. Plenty of communities being built on old farm land! My friend and potential business partner has worked in landscaping for several years. He has built retaining walls, excavated/hauled dirt/gravel for about 4 years and owns a few pieces of equipment. Now, he works in the retail end of things, selling landscaping materials to professional landscapers.

We talked about picking up a used truck with a large tree spade attachment (apparantly he wants to go big, with trees up to 8" diameter). Can we make money just planting trees? Let me know what you think.

Also, any suggestions on where I can find information on tree spades would be helpful.


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I have someone I know that is well East of me that does that type of opperation.

That kind of work is also for root pruning as well. Where the tree needs to be kept within certain guidelines of growth. This kind of work is mostly done on large commercial. Where astetics(sp) is important and they have the money for that purpose

As far as transplants. Same as above. As well as park applications. Also where you have wealthy home owners that will pay for a 30' tree cause it will fit in well with their landscape.

We're talking the Hamptons on Eastern Long Island. Big $ out there.

There is also a great deal of expertise in digging out and planting trees of that size.
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